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Tough Guy Fantasy / Arctic Boys
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Two bands, same members, different music. Described to me as a meeting of the minds between a space age Amon Dull, the Ruins, the Boredoms and Hella. Zach Hill told me that this was his craziest and most ambitious project to date and he was right. This thing is insane. A true behemoth. The first disc, Toughguy Fantasy, is relentless. Zach, Carson and Justin let loose. They have imagined some kind of otherworldly journey and put it to tape. There is barely a moment to breath. The second disc is the opposite of the same coin. Not a repeat of Toughguy Fantasy, but a reworking of the same formula blended into a quieter almost mid-eastern piece. I was told that the drum sounds were recorded by Zach by pounding away on the comforter on his bed. There are other instruments thrown in as well, piano, ash trays, and anything else they can get their hands on. Put these two discs together and it is definitely a journey your not soon to forget. Kind of like a Rubiks cube. Frustrating to some, challenging and addicting to others. But I don't think this puzzle can be solved.

Including Members of: Hella, Crime in Choir, the Advantage and Holy Smokes.